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EP STUD1O: deliver a feeling

I always loved to tell and listen to stories. That lead me to film making. It is by far the best way to express feelings. And feelings are what we human beings are all about. I am fascinated by it, I learn every day to improve my skills until I become a master of the art of film making. It is a long way to go, but I know I will become one of the best of all time.

My best friend Christian and I fortunately share the passion to film making. it deepened our relationship even further. We do have great fun working together and are currently doing almost all projects together. We push us even further with every single project.

We are both dedicated to deliver a feeling in all our lifestyle product videos. We will take the biggest pride in delivering you the best possible video solution for your products.  





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Lifestyle Product Video

- from 30 sec video
- from 950 €

3D Product Animation Video

- 3D product modeling
- 3D animation video
- prices dependend on product details

Lifestyle Product Video + 3D Animation

- full package
- prices dependend on product details


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